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Cris Lashes

Charming(3 PAIRS)

Charming(3 PAIRS)

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A messed up and sturdy classic, the perfect fluttery lash look without being too heavy. that will beautifully elongate your eye.
  • One package contains 3 pairs of fluffy Russian lashes. Each pair of DIY lashes contains 10 Lash Clusters.
  • 10mm/12mm/14mm/16mm mixed length. Ultra-thin, only 0.07mm thickness.
  • The eyelashes are made of mink hair-like synthetic fibers. Softer, lighter, stronger. 100% cruelty-free&vegan.
  • The curvature of the eyelashes is D, which can perfectly show the beauty of your eyes.


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  1. Clean your eyelids and make sure they are completely dry. If needed, curl your lashes beforehand.
  2. Apply CLUSTER LASH BOND to your natural lashes and wait for 30-60 seconds until it  becomes sticky.
  3. Use a lash applicator to gently place the cluster lashes underneath your natural lashes. 
  4. Adjust the position of the cluster lashes for your best look.
  5. Hold the lash applicator against both your natural and cluster lashes for a few seconds to ensure they are in place.
  6. Apply the LASH SEAL to lock the BOND and make your cluster lashes last longer!


1.What are the lashes made of?

Our lash collection is made of Synthetic Fibers, vegan and cruelty-free

2.How long do these lashes stay on?

Around 3 days. If you wear them any longer, you won't be able to enjoy the satisfying rub-your-eyes feeling at the end of the day!

3.Can I shower/swim/sleep with lashes on?

We don't recommend it. Chlorine, water, and soap might make your lashes look less than fabulous. Plus, it's good to let your natural lashes breathe a bit, right?

4.Do the lashes come with the adhesive and the applicator?

Sorry, nope. We sell everything separately. That way you can get just the right amount of what you need.

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  • Professional Grade Quality

  • 7 Days of Continuous Wear

  • 30 Days Money Back

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High Quality

We use the same professional materials that you would get from the best salons and artists in the world. CrisLashes only choose the finest, softest, and best looking materials.
We promise to always provide the most refined and desired products.


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