How to use false eyelashes?

How to use false eyelashes?

If you have used false eyelashes, or have seen a friend use them, you will be amazed at the effect they can have. When you put on false eyelashes that fit your eye shape, your eyes will be naturally magnified. Even your friends will think that they are your own eyelashes growing out!

So, how should you wear false eyelashes? I will explain to you one by one next.

1. Preparation before starting
We need to prepare an eyelash curler, small scissors, tweezers, false eyelashes, glue, and eyeliner.

2. Adjust the length of your eyelashes
You can use the tweezers to place the false eyelashes on your eyes to compare them. Subtract the excess length. You can also cut the entire lash into sections if you find it inconvenient to wear.

3. Apply glue
Because false eyelashes are so thin, you can't apply too much glue at once. You can take some of the glue out and set it aside, and dip a small brush or cotton swab into it when needed. For better eye protection, it's best to apply the glue to the false lashes rather than your own lashes. Once applied, you should not place them on your eyes immediately, but wait ten seconds to glue them to the middle of the eyelash and the root. Use your fingers to gently push the lashes inward, with tweezers to keep adjusting them so that it fits tightly.

4. Make false lashes look more natural
Once they are attached, you can fill in the white space in front of your eyes with eyeliner so that the false eyelashes will blend in better with your eyes.

The whole DIY process is now complete! Eyelashes are essential for the beauty enhancement of the eyes. Different shapes of false eyelashes can bring unexpected effects when we are looking for different makeup or attending different occasions. Have you learned it yet?
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